Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Favorites 2015

Favorite Book

I literally read three of the best books this month and I don't know how to choose between them so I'm going to talk about the most recently finished one because it's fresh in my mind!


guys. I just can't handle anything in this story. How did you people do it when you read these when they first came out because THOSE ENDINGS kill me every time. They are such intense cliff hangers that I can't fathom not picking up the next book in the series right after! 

As for who do I ship Tessa with because I KNOW people will think its blasphemous not to discuss this question when I talk about this book.... I DONT KNOW. I love Jem and Will so equally for such different reasons that I really want Tessa to end up with both. Like polyamory is a thing so it could happen.

Favorite Movie

I'm going to choose to movies for this month because they were very different genres.

The first was Trainwreck with Amy Schumer. Oh my god I almost died because I couldn't breather because I was laughing so hard throughout the movie.  I love the awkward humor where its mostly funny not because of some joke the actor said but more about the situation and how they're reacting to it. FANTASTIC.

The second one I just went and saw last weekend and it is The Gift. This movie was SO GOOD. I thought it was going to be way more jumpy than it was so I was apprehensive about seeing it in the theater but it didn't have too many scenes like that. Instead it was much more a thriller about who exactly is the problematic character in this scenario.  I loved how the story kept you in suspense about who really is the fucked up person and who was the victim, that was awesome.  I do have to say that I wasn't fond of the ending; it's not that it felt like we needed more it just wasn't happy. I don't like unhappy endings but that's just me.

Favorite TV Show

Okay I'm going to talk about a new show and then I'm going to talk about one that I'm rewatching.  If you follow me on twitter you probably can guess what the second one is lol

So I have been LOVING The Fall on Netflix.  Its about a cop trying to catch the serial killer but you also get to know the person who is doing the killing.  You watch him with his family as well as with his victims while watching the cop investigating the murders.  
It has some great actors in it as well but mostly unknown Irish actors because it's set in Northern Ireland.  JAMIE DORNAN plays the serial killer and I can't handle that information its too perfect for my brain to make sense of.  And the woman who plays the main investigator is from Hannibal, another favorite tv show of mine.

Okay I gotta talk about Grey's Anatomy. I'm sorry I'll keep it short but I LOVE THIS TV SHOW SO MUCH. Sometimes I question my sanity because I care about these characters so much I have to wonder if I'm not aware that they're not real.  Like i love it TOO MUCH.

Favorite Thing I've Bought or Received

This may be weird but my sister went to Hawaii this month and bought me a souvenier. They're these PLASTIC shoes that look like Jesus sandals and I've wanted a pair literally for years since my friend went to Hawaii and got a pair for herself. They're plastic but SO COMFORTABLE and I have to say... Matt hates them and that makes me giddy with evil excitement. LOL.  I'll link a picture here from instagram as soon as I post one :)

Favorite Booktube Video

SarahSunbeamz did a Speech Jammer challenge reading of Fifty Shades of Grey and she was wearing this red robe in her bed with candles and I died laughing. It was AMAZEBALLS.
Just go watch it because if you need more explanation than that that you probably won't enjoy.

Favorite Youtube Video

Basically every single Augest video of Tyler Oakley's but i LIVE for the Tyler v. Zoella Disney Song guessing because I like to play with them and guess before they do. Sometimes I fail sometime I win but its hilarious to see how competitive they get

Favorite Video of Mine

I really love my The Last Bookstore | Let's Go Backwards video where I took all my footage from went to the last bookstore in LA and reversed all the clips. I just went a little artsy fartsy and I love how it turned out.  It also was the last day I got to spend with all my girls at vidcon and so it just makes me happy to remember getting to meet and hang out with everyone :)

Favorite Songs

I'm still obsessing over You Know You like It by DJ Snake but I've recently started singing Cheerleader by OMI over and over again and I think Matt may murder me because of it.  It's such a cute song as in the lyrics but the melody is also so fun and just GOOD. Pentatonix also did a cover of it so that always makes a song better in my opinion!

Favorite Beauty Product

I haven't talked about a favorite beauty product in a while but seeing as I ranted about a shitty skin care product recently I wanted to talk about what I used to fix me skin after that experience.  I was using my Benefit Eye Cream on my eyes and cheekbones as well as neosporin around my nose.  For the rest of my face I was using the Boots Botanics organic body moisturising lotion.  Along with using a little cleanser form a new product line that a family friend has started (i unfortunately don't know the brand name but when I do I will add it in) instead of anything too rough on my skin like my clarisonic, my skin healed in about 3 days.

Favorite Thing I've Done or Accomplished

I got through my last first week of the year as an undergrad. Holy shit that is terrifying to acknowledge.  
But I am proud to say that! I don't know what lies ahead (i know my next step after graduation but not the whole story) but I am excited to move forward and get my Bachelor's and actually be able to say I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE. ITS SO CLOSE!