Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In case you missed the announcement, all my wrap ups and TBRs will now be posted here! I might still do videos for them as well, it will just depend on the month. AKA it will depend on how worthy my list of books is because lord knows I haven't been reading many books per month lately.

But lets get on with this.

April. man this month was tough.  It's the end of the semester (two more weeks people! holy shit) so I have been spending all my time writing papers and editing papers and reading articles for papers. good god it's been a drag.

But onto the books I read this month!

Actually let's start with March because I'm failing at reading lately lawl.

Deaf Like Me - Thomas Spradley *****

This is a nonfiction book about a family who finds out their youngest daughter is Deaf, and how to help her succeed in life. I just posted a spoiler free review of this book on my channel, and I HIGHLY recommend reading it, especially if you're interested in learning about the Deaf Culture.  

City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare ****

I read City of Bones about a year ago, and really enjoyed it! Then I saw the movie and hated it so much that I ended up feeling hate toward the book as well, so never picked up the series. But now that I've become friends with Emma over at Emmmabooks it's a little difficult to hate something that she loves with such extreme passion.  She and a billion other booktubers decided to do a monthly readalong of all the books in the series and I decided to join to get through this series.

It just so happens that I loved this book A LOT. I have some issues with the series. the main one is the amount of times Jace or some aspect of Jace is described as golden. Can we find a synonym for golden please? Thanks.

We're already moving into April guys. Like I said: it's been rough.

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick *****

guys. this book. oh my god it was beautiful.  I picked it up on a whim because my sister has been bugging me to read it so i can give it back to her (borrowing books. ouch) and so I decided I could use some contemporary in my life after reading Throne of Glass and City of Ashes consecutively.

And oh my god talk about a wonderfully written story.  I just recently made a video complaining about virginity and how it's dealt with in the YA genre, and then I read this and was like WOW well done! It was so realistic, and also the losing of the virginity was realistic which I adored.

I also was NOT expecting the surprise that happens near the climax to of course tear everything apart in order to be put back together (let's hope?) again! I'm always a fan of the author getting me without me expecting it.

And that's it. Seriously.

I'm currently reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas and loving it but i'm only half way through. how awful is that? I blame it on the 15 units of anthropology and linguistics courses I'm taking this semester.  

Okay TBR time. 

I'm participating in the #MortalReadaLong so I'll be reading City of Glass next month. you can check out their goodreads page here if you want!

Brittni from Brittni's Book Find and I are going to read the third book in the Throne of Glass series next month, and we also have a goodreads group so check that out here!

And then the bibliothon group also decided they wanted to read The Darkest Part of the Forest together as a little book club group. We're keeping this really chill and won't be doing any sort of liveshow or good reads group about it, we just want to read the same book at the same time!

That's all the books i have planned for May for sure.  I have some books from the library I want to pick up (check out the instagrams) but who knows what I'll get through. As we've seen, school takes all the life out of me (laugh at my pain why don't you).

Friday, April 3, 2015


This is a MOVIE review only. I have not read the book.  I don’t really plan on reading it, because from what I hear the movie is a better plot line, and the book is not very good. So I probably won’t read it.

The plot line of this movie was very Mean Girls-esque. I felt like I’m watching a new classic form for the teenage girls of today. 


The plot is obviously very teeny.  I mean the hot friend who she’s known forever accidentally tells her she’s the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, and then she gets mad at him, but then realizes that she should be mad at her friends, and uses him to give her a make over.  He’s not gay so obviously they will fall in love by the end of this movie. But there’s a bad bitch in school who wants Hot Guy Friend to be off limits to anyone but her so she wants to ruin DUFF’s life because they’re hanging out together while he makes her over.  I was not at all surprised by this movie.


Is what made this movie so good. The lines were pure comedy, and everything revolving social media just had me laughing so hard I cried.


Were also good.  Especially those who were not leads. They really made the movie; the teachers, the random kids who had a few lines, the baddest bitch at school (antagonist) and her lackeys were all hilarious in the way that they were so cliché, and it was obvious that that was on purpose. 

I also loved that while the DUFF’s friends were beautiful, they were true friends to her, and so you wanted them to all make up after their fall out in the movie.


I absolutely loved that in the movie, there were little “drawings” on top of the scene as the voiceover told the story. It was an excellent touch.  My favorite scene in the entire movie is after the DUFF gets a yes to go on a date with the guy she likes, she puts her arms out like she’s queen of the world and fireworks are exploding behind her and she’s just reveling in it.  And then it jerks back to reality and she’s back in the hallway at school.  It just added a little extra to the movie.


Yes! I give this movie a 4.5/5 stars; although it was obviously a story line that has been done too many times to count, and the love story was predictable, it still had me in tears from laughing, and I will definitely watch it again with friends! It’s a very easy-going fun movie to watch.