Monday, November 30, 2015

Nanowrimo FAIL.

So I decided to participate in Nanowrimo for the first time this year.

In case you don't know what Nanowrimo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and its this huge event where people try to write a fifty thousand word first draft of a novel in one month (November).

I decided to join because it sounded like fun and I had been working on a story the last couple months every once in a while and wanted to push myself to focus on it a little bit more.

The main problem that I experienced this month while trying to participate was school.  This was the month right before finals so I had papers to write and last minute assignments to do before the semester headed into studying for finals.  I found that I just didn't have the time to write, and when I did have time to do so I was tired of staring at a screen.

I also had some random stressful events happen this month that did NOT help my focus!  My car ended up being in the shop for TWO WEEKS and I had to make a trip to the ER for a kidney infection all within days of each other! Plus one of my professors surprised us with a seven page paper due two weeks before it originally was supposed to be due!

Not to mention the holiday, which I wanted to spend with my family.

So yeah, this month was insane and it left me with only six thousand words of that story instead of fifty thousand.

HOWEVER I'm so proud of those six thousand words.  I've realized that I really do love writing fiction, which I never thought of before these past few months and I look forward to CAMP NANO in the summer, because I think the timing will be better for me!

Did you participate in Nanowrimo? How did you do?