Wednesday, September 24, 2014

REVIEW | The Maze Runner (Movie)

This post is all about just simply how the movie was.  For a comparison between the book and the movie, check out my video on my channel here!

Overall, I gave the movie 4 stars simply as a movie.


There was some awesome action throughout most of the movie, and there was good suspense, and a couple jumpy parts but not too much either!

The boys were real! The casting was so good, they were just all normal boys rather than how a lot of Hollywood movies do it with these ridiculously attractive people in their movies like how are you a person that feels real things when you look so perfect?!
            That was happily not the case.  All of the boys seemed the right age as well, they didn’t look like 25 year olds pretending to be 16.

I also REALLY like the casting of the woman in charge of WICKD.  She’s the mom from Easy A and it was really great seeing her play someone who is probably the main antagonist of the series.  She does a good job of playing the sociopathic “its all for a good cause” evil.

The grievers (the monsters in the maze) WERE UGLY things! Which made them really good bad guys I guess lol.


Because of changes they made from the book to the movie, there were quite a few plot holes.  In the beginning a boy comes back from the maze and they realize he’s been “stung” by a griever, so they know he won’t survive.  They send him out into the maze because “he belongs to the maze now.”
            BUT THEN later a main character is stung out in the maze and the boys risk their lives to bring him back to the safety of the glade. WHY WOULD THEY BRING HIM BACK IF ALL THEY’RE GONNA DO IS THROW HIM BACK OUT INTO THE MAZE.

if you’ve read the book and are going well duh they brought him back because that’s part of the original story, yes I know that.  But as far as within the movie only, it didn’t make any sense

The ending also DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE in the context of the movie only.

When the boys (and Theresa) make it out of the maze, they come into the control room and everyone in the room is dead on the ground. The place has been destroyed.
After the moment when Gally goes crazy because “he belongs to the glade” (DAFUQ?!) and tries to shoot Thomas but kills Chuck (depressing) the “rebels” who destroyed the room and shot everybody comes to save them.
            But if they are the same people who came and destroyed the science experiment known as WCKD because its evil, how come they didn’t bother to save the boys IN THE MAZE and help them out instead of making them go through the whole ordeal of getting out in order to save them?!

I’ll tell you why: IN THE BOOK they don’t come and destroy WCKD until AFTER the boys have come out of the maze. MAKES A LOT MORE FUCKING SENSE THAT WAY I WOULD SAY.

If you want to hear me rant more about the fucked up changes they made from the book, make sure to check out the video linked at the beginning of this post.  Because although as a movie along I gave it 4 stars, I only give it 1 when looking at it as an adaptation from a book.  Comment down below what your thoughts are! But please make sure to warn for spoilers if you want to post any!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Serving Chronicles #1


I had a shitty Saturday guys.  Usually Sundays are the bad ones, but this week it was Saturday.

Firstly, I come into work and realize I don’t have my apron because I switched cars and UGH.  And when I come into work without an apron that means I don’t have my employee card to clock in, a nametag, ANYTHING.

So I ask my manager for a new card, nametag, and apron and he obliges; except he tells me he doesn’t have any more aprons.  Well how the hell am I supposed to serve without an apron.
            So I go out to my car to grab some pens and another manager is walking in as well as a fellow server and I call out to her asking if she has a spare apron in her car. No.
But the manager says there’s extra in the office.
            “I asked John and he told me there aren’t any more.”
            “There were five last night when I closed, there’s no way he gave five away since he opened this morning. I’ll get you one.”

So John was lying.  I get an apron.

The rest of the day goes by quickly and easily until an hour before I get to leave.

I get sat with a family.  A grandmother, mother, and three children between the ages of under 1 and 10ish.
            The first thing they ask is if Iced Tea is free.
            Then I’ll have water. With lemon.

So the question that always pops into my head here is “do I make my life easier by bringing them extra lemons to begin with, or do I give them one lemon slice to irritate them knowing they want to make free lemonade with their water?”
            I chose to irritate them.
            “Um, I’m gonna need a lot more lemon than that. And blue sugar.”
            “I’m sorry, we don’t carry blue sugar.  We carry the yellow, pink, and white and they’re all in the little catty at the end of the table there.”

They’re ready to order.
            “How much are mozzarella sticks?”
            “How many do you get??”
            “So a dollar per mozzarella stick”
            “Well we don’t want those.”
            “Okay, that’s alright. What would you like today?”

They order a different appetizer, kids meals (with mozzarella sticks as the side so they can mooch off the children), and two meals.
            “What side comes with this chicken?”
            “White rice.”

We have realized that they're looking at a menu right? That has descriptions of everything... And even pictures! WOAH! 

            “Can I get something else instead?”
            “Of course, for no charge you can do French fries, mashed potatoes, fruit, or vegetables.  For an upcharge you can do onion rings, a side salad, or a cup of soup.”
            “How much of an upcharge?”
            “It depends on which one you’re thinking about”
            “The salad.”
            “It’s 2.49 to get the salad instead of a different side.”
            “Yes. A salad on it’s own would be 4.49.”
            Hmmm. Okay I’ll do a salad and mashed potatoes.”
I made sure to explain once again that you could only substitute one side for the side of rice she was getting rid of and she still wanted both. Okay.

After they’ve eaten and gone through their meal, which went smoothly and they were very kind to me throughout the time spent at the table.  There were no rude comments or anything like that.  I drop off their bill and when I pass by the next time they’re sitting looking over the bill and they call me over.
            “Why am I being charged for both the mashed potatoes and the salad? I thought one of them came with the meal.”
            “Well the salad is what came as the side instead of the rice.  It’s normally 4.49 but you’ve been charged 2.49 since you chose not to get the rice.”
            “How come I’m being charged for the mashed potatoes?”

Have you caught on to my frustration yet?

I explain again what I’ve already explained and the daughter finally understands.  She nods to me that I can walk away now and she’ll handle explaining the rest.

That was my shitty Saturday guys.  Don’t worry there’s more to come.
Comment down below if you’re in the service industry and you have a funny story
Or if you’d like to read more of the crazy things that happen to me as a server!

Also side note: I will be posting less now that I’m in school.  I just spend too much time typing already!  But for regular Monday and Fridays videos, make sure to check out my channel. The link is on the side bar to the right! Have a great week nerds!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

REVIEW | Dermalogica "Precleanse" Wipes

Hey nerds, what's up?!

So about a month and a half ago, and went and bought some skincare products at Planet Beauty (see full HAUL here).  Among everything, I tried out the Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes.

I absolutely loved this product!  They took off my makeup so easy; I just had to gently wipe it across my skin and BOOM makeup gone.  It was crazy how soft I could wipe my face and still get everything off my face.

Now this is a "pre cleanse" wipe, so you have to wash your face with a facial cleanser after you use this product.  It's an oil based product, so if you just leave this on your face and go to bed, it probably wouldn't not end well for your skin.

I have to say that this product is on the pricey side, and that if I were to repurchase, I would probably go for the pre cleanse solution instead.

This is just the liquid, and I would probably use a cotton round to apply.  I say I would probably repurchase this version instead of the wipes because it's the same price for the wipes as this product, but there are way more uses in the bottle than the wipes.

All together I give this product a 4/5 because although the wipes worked VERY well for me, I would say that it wasn't enough usage for the price tag.

Comment down below what product(s) you've been loving for taking your makeup off in the meantime! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A WEEK IN MY LIFE | First week of REAL college ;)

Hey nerds, what's up?!

So last week was my first week of school at a Cal State University.

I've been in college for three years: 2 years at one community college and a third at a separate community college.

But I've finally made it.  I'm a junior in college, two years away from my Bachelors degree in Anthropology!  I intend to go to graduate school so I won't be done for a few extra years but I still can't believe I'm halfway through my degree!

Okay so now that you have a bit of a background in what I'm going to school for, I just wanted to talk about my first week of experience on a university campus as a student.

First of all, all my professors actually know what they're talking about. Which is fantastic, especially since all my classes are major related (with the exception of one that I'm considering minoring in).
        They all want to be teaching us and they all know we're smart and here for a reason.  And that we want to be in these specific classes, since they're all upper division. That is just amazing to me.

Not to mention that the staff in the random areas on campus, like the library, are all super helpful and have smiles on their faces, which is just not something I've witnessed at community college first week of school since its so busy and they all hate their lives.
But here, regardless of how busy it was and how many new students with dumb questions they've dealt with, they were still nice and helpful to me, the thousandth new student with dumb questions to ask.

I am so excited to continue on with these classes, because I know all of them are going to FASCINATE me.  

And with that I just want to say, for those of you who are still deciding on schools and majors and all of that, make sure to take your time.  Really figure out what you like and what you're interested in because that way you will love the classes you're taking and the eventual careers in that field of study.

Comment down below what you're majoring in, or what you want to major in when you get to college.