Saturday, October 25, 2014

How will we continue to shape history?

I recently came across this link to a wonderful photo museum of some very important instances that have happened in the last fourteen years.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at the photos before continuing reading this post, so you can see what I saw.  Because as I was scrolling down, reading the captions of these immensely emotional photos from the last 14 years, all I could think was “How will people reflect on what we have done?”

Here in the United States, we spend hours of our days for at least 12 years learning about the past.  We sit in a classroom and listen to teachers tell us what happened from the times of Mesopotamia all the way up to the Civil Rights Movement (usually).

And eventually this present will be the past that has to be taught.  And what will they say about us?

What we do is important. The choices we make are important.  And so with every step, I’d like to make a reminder to everyone, including myself, to remember that we are all humans of the 21st century on this planet.  We all matter.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

American Horror Story: First Impressions (s04e01)

So American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1 premiered a week and a half ago. 

Since I did a trailerreaction on my channel, I thought I’d update you on my thoughts about the first episode of the season.

I really enjoyed it!  It was weird, and a little bit of a mind fuck, the visuals are beautiful in the creepiest ways, and it just was all around riveting.  I don’t know if it’ll live up to the first two seasons, (the second of which is my favorite) but I think it will definitely surpass the third season (The Coven) which I was not a fan of.


I am really enjoying the dynamic of Sarah Paulson’s two headed character, and the sisters’ mind talking thing.  Its giving us a nice insight into their own thoughts.

The whole clown thing throughout the show, was probably the freakiest part for me, and I loved the choice of keeping us in the dark of whether or not he’s part of the group until the very end.

A negative here: when Evan Peters “fingers” the woman at the little party the housewives throw, all I could think was… there is no way it would be that easy, she would have screeched if he just straight up put his hand up there like that.

I also thought the mother and son customers at the end were creepy as fuck!  I’m very interested in learning more about they’re relationship, because it seems like it could definitely get weird between the two of them, let alone what will happen in the show as a whole with them.

Lastly I want to say that I’m so glad Jessica Lange shows off her “freaky” bits at the end, revealing she doesn’t have legs.  I’m interested to know if the rest of the group knows that she is “one of them” too or if they think she’s “normal.” 

What were your thoughts on the AHS premiere? Do you have a favorite character yet?  Do you have any complaints about the first episode?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Shondaland First Impressions

So like most every woman at least in the United States, I am obsessed with the three shows currently on air created by Shonda Rhimes.  These three shows are on ABC, consecutively on Thursdays from 8p-11p and they are glorious!

I’m going to talk about them in the order of saving the best for last, which also happens to be the order that they come on the air.

I will warn for each show about spoilers of this particular episode, but I will only be talking about episode 1 of the current season.  So if you’re not caught up to this season, SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. LEAVE, WATCH, COME BACK!

GREY’S ANATOMY (season 11)

Man this show has been on a long time.  And honestly, this season is the first time I believe that this fact is beginning to show.  We left last season with a (tearful) long winded goodbye to Christina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) and dear lord, I was a wreck.  Yang is my favorite character, and her and Meredith together are what makes this show for me. The best friends.  Any relationship can be torn apart, anybody can die, and those things will be devastating, but I can’t handle the Meredith and Christina friendship being pulled apart to separate ends of the country.  It’s not okay.

So for me, I knew the beginning of this season was going to be disappointing to me in it of itself because YANG ISN’T THERE.  And I knew that, and I am trying still to get past it.  It’s a difficult process.

I had some high hopes going into this episode for the new newb, Miss “I’m Eliis Grey’s daughter and I was given up for adoption and I’ve come here for a sense of who she was and I’m half black so the audience knows that obviously I’m Richard’s daughter too but I have no idea about that part.” 
            And throughout the show, she kind of annoyed me.  I took into account that she’s supposed to be really young for being head of a department (cardio, YANG’S position) and so gave her some slack for maybe trying to be a little macho so people will take her seriously.

I also loved that whole thing throughout the episode about trying to get Hunt to go out on a man date because surely he’s sad about Christina leaving.

But my favorite part has to be the situation between Meredith and Derek and his job offer across the country.


Throughout the whole episode Meredith is complaining to other people about the fact that Derek is choosing the job over staying with his family.

BUT AT THE END, after a heartfelt moment with a patient, Derek declines his position and tells Meredith he’s going to stay in Seattle.  And instead of being happy, her face goes stone cold and she says “I’m getting a drink.” And orders a shot of tequila! It was badass, and it makes me nervous for their relationship!

Moving on to:

SCANDAL (Season 4)

I was very confused in the beginning, because I forgot that last season ended with Olivia deciding to leave the city with Jake. So when the show opens on the beach, I thought Olivia was dreaming, and was very confused about everything. 

I also forgot Harrison was killed last season, and so had to go through that shock all over again.  Any possibility it’ll turn out he’s not dead? I hope so.


I really hated that Huck and Quinn still have some fire between them, I just do not like that nasty weird situation going on. Especially since that moment last season when Huck LICKED HER FACE after telling her he was going to pull her teeth out.  That was so creepy, I don’t understand how Quinn could even look at him again after that.

I LOVE MELLIE.  Watching her go through this depression over the death of her son is really adding so much depth to her, and I just want her on screen at all times.
And if I disliked Fitz before, this is just making me HATE him.
Her monologue about how when he sees Olivia again, to tell her, so she can be warned that he’s gonna be a disgusting pig to her basically was amazing.

Which brings me to the fact that I am simply so over the Fitz and Olivia back and forth. Move on already!

Lastly I want to mention how incredibly hot the sex scene at the end between Olivia and Jake was. AMAZING.

Now for:


I am so excited for this show.  It pulled me in and I am hooked.  The kid who plays Dean in Harry Potter is in it, and he does a GREAT American accent.
I also love that the guy who plays Bennet on Orange is the New Black is in this show, and I could not place his face to save my life.  His character irriatates the shit out of me on this show though so that’s unfortunate.

The character “Laurel” also annoys me a little.  I don’t like her eyebrows, and she is just meh to me.


The pilot episode.  Even as a pilot, this episode was RIVETING.  I loved the time warp of the show, which has been continuing in the following episodes.  It makes it even more interesting than it already is.

I loved the scandal of Gibbons catching the professor sleeping with a man in her office, and then as if that wasn’t enough, it turns out that it was NOT her husband.  That was great.

Viola Davis is a goddess, I am just in love with her and that’s all I have to say about that!

Do you watch all of these shows, or just one? Which is your favorite?