Friday, March 28, 2014

Review | Impress Press On Nails

So I recently tried out the ImPress Press On Nails for the first time, thanks to Influenster's VoxBox (check out my unboxing video here).  There are definitely some good things about them, and there are some things I'm not that excited about.
So basically they're the same idea as those fake acrylics you used to get when you were little to look like mommy.  Except those only lasted .5 seconds, probably because the glue was cheap and you were 5 and playing in the dirt.

These press on nails have a much better glue on them.  I don't feel like they're going to fall off if I'm too rough pulling up my jeans after I pee or anything like that. They feel secure.  I haven't taken them off yet, but the box promises they come off very easy with acetone polish remover.
So as they come, they're squared off, and they're pretty long. WAY too long for my personal preference, so I used a nail file and shaped them to my preferred length and a more natural, rounded edge.  It was pretty easy to do, they file down well. But it was time consuming.  To do the whole set, it took me about 20 minutes of just filing to get them how I wanted.  

You also get a lot in the package. I think it has more to do with giving enough size options so you can get the perfect fit than it does with giving you enough for the price (about $10 a package).  The picture below are all the nails I didn't use. And most won't fit on any of my fingers so they're probably going to be thrown away. I see that as a bit of a waste.
So basically, if you're looking for a cool pattern (which they have more than the one just shown here) that's when they're worth it.  I would not say I'd go out and get these for every day either. I'd be more likely to buy them for a special occasion (like my birthday that just passed) than to buy them for just any old day.  Because it does take more time than to just paint your nails a plain color. And they are a little over the top, at least for me.

FTC: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Monday, March 17, 2014

phase 2: editing

somebody is working really hard at least! this is matt, and he's amazing.  I'm still in school and he's the designer anyway so he decided to take up the editing front of my videos, at least for now.

He's still getting used to Adobe Premiere so this first video won't be the fastest editing ever experienced. But know that things are happening and I'm really excited about them!

Has anyone figured out what the video is yet? hm.... ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014

And So It Can Begin!

This was the last thing I was waiting for! Which means that I will start filming this wednesday! (tomorrow I have school so unfortunately it's another day of waiting). I am SO excited!

I can't wait for you guys to see my new background, my new video intro (which includes a song from hotel cinema you should check them out here), and everything else that's new!

There isn't much else to say at the moment but I will see you guys soon via YouTube!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

rant #2: "Pages" on Mac

There seems to be a theme starting with my rants... Technology is the bane of my existence.

So here I am not liking Microsoft Word because it always fucks up when it tries to guess what I want it to do for me when I'm taking note in class or on my textbooks.

So I decided to try out Pages that comes on Mac product, since as you know I recently purchased a Macbook Pro.

And here I am typing away notes on my cultural Geography textbook, and my computer alerts me that i have updates available. Thinking nothing of it, I hit install and then when it's all said and done I reopen pages to continue taking notes.

Let me explain how I like my notes organized:

I. Subject
    A. Sub title
          1. notes begin

It's the "harvard" style on pages...

Now before if i went back to the left side of the page, the next roman numeral would be II, and then it would be another A and if I had another sub title it would be a B and so on.

Now it's starts over with another I ... or another A at the subtitle line...

What's the point of having the option of this note taking style if it doesn't continue after another tab?

I'm frustrated with this and word so I no longer know what sort of program to use to take notes on. Any offers of what you use that's not so frustrating would be GREATLY appreciated.

And if you have frustrations, feel free to vent them too! I want to know your irritations ;P

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Computers are Pretty

My new baby! I'm slowly joining the Apple ranks, but I'm not too sad about it.

In case you were curious, no I did not buy this just because of my channel.  I did buy it because my hp took a shit and would no longer see networks, so it wouldn't connect to the internet and I decided it was time to invest in an Apple computer.

I've used both PCs and Apples in the past, and in my experience, apples are much more user friendly. They're not hard to figure out, and it's an added plus that they come with an easy to use video editor (iMovie).

The apple computer I decided to choose is the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina display, and I upgraded from the starting Ram of 4GB to 8GB because they say 8 is the minimum for doing a lot of editing.

Let me tell you my process of deciding, because to start off with, it was between this beauty and a Macbook Air (also 13").

The Macbook Pro also comes in 15" but i thought that was a bit big, and the Macbook air also comes in 11" but i thought that was a bit small, so that's how i picked the size of the screen; real exciting stuff I know.

The Macbook air is lighter and thinner and just as beautiful.  Honestly my original thought was that I would get the Air because it's also a hundred dollars cheaper than the Pro with only 4GB.

But then I started looking up reviews and truly the only big difference people kept mentioning was that the Pro had a better display since in the newest version is a Retina display, which basically means that if you're looking at the screen at an angle, it doesn't get dark. It's also a bit of a clearer picture.

Well I thought that since I'll be doing a lot of editing on this computer, the display is pretty important so I came to the decision to get a Macbook Pro.  I went into the store not thinking I was going to move up into the 8GB of Ram realm, but my grandma, boyfriend, and the guy behind the counter convinced me to move up since I would be doing a lot of editing.

So although I didn't pick a Mac because I will be editing videos, I did choose this specific Mac keeping the fact that I would be editing videos in mind.

I am SO excited to start filming! I now have an intro set up that my wonderful boyfriend created from scratch because he's an awesome designer, so that's done.  We just have to finish my background for videos once it stops raining here in California! And my microphone should be here by March 8!

Hope to "see" you all soon!